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Stiletto Tool Company has been synonymous with high quality hand tools dating back to the early days of the California Gold Rush. Since 1849 we have been providing professionals with the tools that have literally shaped the building of the North American West. With its long history and strong reputation, the brand has evolved into the modern day standard for innovative, lightweight, ergonomic, productive, and professional tools.

We set the standard with our line of premium titanium hand tools that span numerous trades such as framing, remodeling, finish work, siding, demolition, concrete, and drywall. These include hammers, nail pullers, utility/pry bars and grips. Our tools are performance engineered and hold numerous patents including our all Titanium Tibone hammer, 180° Side Nail Puller, and our Dimpler® feature on our Titanium framing bar.

Many people wonder why they should pay a premium for titanium hand tools. The answer is simple: 45% less weight while providing the same striking force and strength as steel. Titanium tools also produce 10 times less recoil shock. These features help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow which means less down time, more productivity, and most importantly LESS PAIN while working.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 18" AirGrip Handle Wrap, item "AG180" has been discontinued. The 8" Airgrip Handle Wrap is still availble here

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