Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If a Titanium hammer is half the weight, how can it drive framing nails like my heavier Steel hammer??

Light weight hammers reduce strain on the body. The laws of physics mean that the speed of the hammer head affects striking power, and thereby total work efficiency, more than the weight of the hammer itself. Because a lighter hammer can be swung faster than a heavy one, it puts less strain on the body without compromising work efficiency. Hammers sometimes need to be heavy, such as when banging in a 6" nail. However, to ensure minimum strain on your body, always use as light a hammer as possible.

On average, Titanium provides approximately 10 times greater damping than high carbon steels. In this context, damping is a measure of the ability
of a "material to quell vibration." (definition from American Society of Materials (ASM) Int'l Handbook, Ohio, vol 1, pg. 31) cushion the blow and reduce recoil with a Titanium hammer. When a hammer hits a rigid work object, shock waves are generated which multiply in the head of the hammer and create a swinging momentum in the handle. Our studies indicated that the first shock wave is the one that
most needs cushioning. Subsequent vibrations are absorbed by the handle and the soft parts of the palm, and we have found no research data to indicate any harmful effects from these. However, the most dramatic effect of the blow is when the hammer bounces back, rotates around its own center of gravity and generates a recoil force. This force is compensated for by muscle activity in the forearm muscles, thereby stretching the tendons. Cushioning the initial shock wave and reducing recoil places less strain on the muscles and tendons, and also gives the user more control over the next blow.

More Reading (PDF):
Hultafors Document.pdf
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Q. I've developed pain in my elbow from my steel hammer? What's happening?

A swing of a hammer uses all kinds of muscle groups, all the way from the shoulder to the hand. Overloading the muscles can result in inflammation of particularly vulnerable muscle joints. Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) is just such an inflammation. Hand movement is dealt with by the muscles in the forearm. These muscles are joined to the fingers by tendons. The tendons, along with nerves, run through a narrow passage in the wrist called the carpal tunnel. When using a hammer, the tendons rub against one another and against other surrounding tissue. A long working session can result in an inflammatory swelling, which in turn imposes dangerous pressure on the nerves. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome, and often requires surgery. The pain is noticed in the hand either immediately, several hours later, or even after several days.

Titanium hammer produces 10 times less recoil vibration than steel hammers and can substantially reduce the negative effects of nailing on you body. The lighter weight also helps reduce fatigue in you arm at the end of your workday. For more information, please see the Stiletto Customer Testimonials page.

Q. I live in a very remote rural area. Where can I buy a Stiletto Titanium

For your convenience, we have a 'Storefront' and 'Online' dealer locator search feature in our website that will allow you to browse "brick-and-mortar" stores located near you, and 'Online' webstore dealers that also distribute Stiletto products via internet sales.

We always recommend calling ahead before you go to any store dealer to check to see if they have the items you're looking for in stock. Our website allows you to access product information, Stiletto services such as Laser-engraved Personalization or Hickory Handle Replacement/Repair, and to contact us if you're having product warranty issues. However, we always recommend you shop our distributors for the best prices on our products. As the manufacturer of our own line, we cannot and will not compete with our distributors, so we can only sell our products at our Suggested Retail Prices on our site. Give the search engine a try, and if you have any problems, you can call Stiletto Customer Service for assistance at (800) 987-1849.
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Q. I have broken my wood handle. What is the warranty on my Stiletto
Hickory handle?

We warranty all Stiletto products against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. We do not warranty normal wear and tear. See Stiletto Warranty Policy below.

We use all American Hickory and inspect our Hickory handles for physical flaws, but occasionally we miss internal grain flaws that can cause a defective wooden handle to break. Hickory is used for striking tool handles for its natural ability to dispel recoil shock when driving nails. However, care should be taken not to exceed its strength limitations under heavy prying tasks. Can you drive and pull common unhardened 16 p. framing nails with a Hickory handle? Yes. Should you try to pull really stubborn fasteners, like hot dip 16's, or 20p ringshanks, or pry something heavy with it? No, you should not. Those tasks are what a nail puller or pry bar is designed to do.

If you feel that your handle broke too easily, please review the Stiletto Hickory Warranty Evaluation Guide (below) to compare the break in your handle to the examples in this guide.

If your handle appears to have broken due to poor grain quality, take some digital pictures and email to us at them to, or call us at (800) 987-1849 and speak with our Customer Service staff. We'll either offer to send you a replacement handle at no cost, or offer to repair it at no cost in California, or inform you that we believe the handle broke due to over-prying and sell you the appropriate replacement handle or have the tool repaired in California for USD$15.00 plus shipping.

Hickory Handle EVALsm.pdf
Stiletto Warranty Policy.pdf
Stiletto Warranty Return Form.PDF

Q. Can I repair my broken Hickory handle myself?

You can easily repair your Stiletto Hickory handle with just a few tools. You'll need a pencil, a mallet or other hammer, a handsaw, and a strong work bench or block of wood. Open and print the Stiletto Handle Repl. Instructions (link below) and read through once before beginning the handle replacement/repair.

The most common mistake made when replacing a Hickory handle is driving the handle into the hammerhead so far that the bottom of the head actually begins to cut into the lacquered surface of the handle. This cutting-in on the surface compromises the strength of the handle. The handle should be tapped tightly into the opening at the bottom of the head, but not so much as to cut into or 'peel' the surface. Rely on the mechanics of the wood wedge and two round steel wedges to make the head-to-handle connection strong.

Please print and read the Stiletto Handle Replacement Instructions in the link below, and call Stiletto Customer Service at (800) 987-1849 if you have any difficulties or questions.

Stiletto Warranty Policy.pdf
Stiletto Warranty Return Form.PDF

Q. My Poly-Fiberglass handle has developed a crack in the top of the
epoxy. Is this covered by your warranty?

Yes typically this type of epoxy failure is covered, unless there have been modifications made to the handle, or is there are signs of abuse, such as evidence of something striking the top of the hammer. If you think you have a problem with your Stiletto Poly-fiberglass handle, please report it to Stiletto Customer Service at (800) 987-1849. We'll typically have you return the tool to us for repair and return. We do not ship Poly replacement handles and the two-part epoxy to customers because of the health hazards of handling the resins.

Q. I have worn my Titanium milled face out. What is the warranty on my
Stiletto Titanium faced hammer?

We warranty all Stiletto products against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. We do not warranty normal wear and tear. See Stiletto Warranty Policy below.

As stated on the back of the 'My Tool is a Stiletto' sticker/ hang tag that comes attached to all Stiletto Titanium hammers, these Titanium hammers are designed to drive and pull common unhardened nails only. Titanium produces 10 times less recoil vibration than steel and can substantially reduce the negative effects of nailing on you body. We do not warranty normal wear and tear to the face, claws and handle or damage resulting from striking hardened steel tools such as Cat's Paws, chisels, punches, etc.

Please note that if you are wearing out both Titanium and Steel hammer, we would advise you to take at closer look at our TiBone hammers. Our TiBone 15 and 14 Oz. hammers have an all Titanium head hand handle, with Replaceable Steel face. When you finally wear the TiBone face out, you simply replace the face, not the entire hammer.

If you have any questions about the wear or damage to your Stiletto Titanium hammer, please refer to the Stiletto Titanium Warranty Evaluation Guide below. If you still have questions after reviewing this guide, please call Stiletto Customer Service at (800) 987-1849.

Titanium Evaluation Guide.pdf
Stiletto Warranty Policy
Stiletto Warranty Return Form.PDF

Q. I have lost the magnet from my hammer. How can I get it replaced?

Please call Stiletto Customer Service at (800) 987-1849,or email us at, and provide your shipping address and we'll get a replacement magnet with instructions (linked below) out to you right away. If you have a good two-part epoxy, such as JB Weld, or a very strong yet flexible adhesive such as Gorilla Glue, these repairs are very simple and rarely require the tool to be returned to us. If you don't have an adhesive, or don't feel you can make the repair, please let us know, and we'll give you the address in California to have your hammer repaired and returned at no cost to you.

1. Make sure you remove any old epoxy in the magnet hole with a 1/4" drill bit, and clean any remaining dust out.
2. The round sides of the magnet need to be roughed up sufficiently for the epoxy to adhere to it. Our magnets have been roughed up on a belt sander, but take a look at it and if it looks too smooth in some areas, scuff it up more with heavy grit sand paper. Wipe magnet clean or any dust.
3. Be sure to use gloves and eye protection. Use an adhesive that remains somewhat flexible when it dries. Put enough epoxy in magnet hole that just a small amount will squeeze out when the magnet is pushed in flush with the bottom of the nail slot. Slightly dampen a cloth with alcohol to clean up excess epoxy around the magnet. DO NOT allow too much alcohol to soak in to the adhesive.
4. Allow the epoxy to fully dry indoors overnight before using the hammer.

58-22-5500_MAGNET INST.pdf
Stiletto Warranty Policy
Stiletto Warranty Return Form.PDF

Q. I have a TiBone and my face bolt keeps coming loose. What can I do?

The 3/8" - 24 thread/in bolt on your TiBone was factory set to 12-15 ft/lbs of torque, and we use loctite blue to keep the bolt tight. However the forces applied to the hammer face during regular use will eventually loosen the bolt.

We include a leather disc in our Replacement face and bolt kits for our customers that have the older Original TiBone 15 Oz that does not have the "Side nail puller" feature on the side to the head. We DO NOT recommend using the leather washer on a TBII-15 model with the side puller feature.

If the bolt becomes loose while you are working, we recommend simply tightening the bolt to finish your workday, and then follow the instructions that were included with your TiBone 15 or Mini-14 to re-apply the bolt with fresh Loctite, compress the lock washer, fully tighten the bolt to 12-15 lbs. of torque, and let the assembly dry indoors overnight before using. See "FACES Instructions" and read carefully.

Stiletto_FACES INST_58-22-5505.pdf
Stiletto Warranty Policy
Stiletto Warranty Return Form.PDF

Q. I have a TiBone and my grip feels loose inside. What can I do?

Any loosening or "clicking" feeling, inside the heel of the grip is not supposed to happen, and we want to take a look at it.

We will ask you to return the tool to us for a warranty review to evaluate the grip, and as long as there have been no modifications made or significant signs abuse to the grip, we will repair, replace or exchange it for you depending on its remaining warranty period.

If you think your grip has an issue inside, please call us to report it. Call Stiletto Customer Service at (800) 987-1849.

Q. I have an older TiBone and my grip is starting to wear out. Can I get
my hammer re-gripped somehow?

Because of the length of time it would require you to wait for a production run at our over-mold facility to have a new grip over-molded onto your particular Tibone, we do not re-grip hammers that way. We can, however, exchange your hammer for a refurbished used TiBone 15 that has already been injected with a new grip. Sometimes our customers are quite attached to their Stiletto hammers, and we want to make sure you understand that the refurbished tool returned to you would not be your original hammer.

You would need to ship your hammer, with your contact info and return address, to Anaheim CA where we would evaluate the wear on your claws and side puller, and then return to you a refurbished tool with equal or better wear on the claws and side nail puller, with a new Black rubber grip, with your original Steel face re-applied. This TiBone re-grip service is $ 50.00

If you want to purchase a new face for your refurbished hammer, you can have the new milled or smooth face installed by us for no additional service charge. You can also have the tool laser engraved with your name or statement for $29.99. See "Personalization" on our website.

Please call us at (800) 987-1849 or email us at if you have any questions about this re-grip service

Q. I heard Stiletto has a Lifetime Guarantee. Is that right?

We're sorry if you may have been misinformed about our warranty policy (link below) when you purchased our product. All of our products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase, which is stated on the back of the "My Tool is a Stiletto" sticker that is attached to all of our hammers at the time of sale. We have never stated, printed or implied a "lifetime warranty" on any of our Stiletto products. Please see our "Stiletto Warranty Policy" below.

Stiletto Warranty Policy
Stiletto Warranty Return Form.PDF

If you have questions about Stiletto products or services that are not covered in our F.A.Q. above, we want to know. Click on this link to email your questions to us. We will normally reply to you within a 24 hr. period Monday through Friday.

You can also call us directly at (800) 987-1849 to speak live to our Customer Service Representatives (without any long phone menus) from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm CST, Monday through Friday.

If you happen to call outside of our normal business hours, please leave your name, a call back number and a brief message. We'll return your call the following Monday.