Testimonials 1999

My husband recently bought his second Stiletto hammer and when his employees tried it, they all had to have one. He said that when he picks up an old hammer it is like using a club. He bought his through a woodworking catalog and one of his employees bought his over the internet.
Lisa J.

I ordered one of your hammers in early January. It such was a different experience using it and I really enjoyed it. Two people on my crew also grew to like it so much now every time I turn my back they have it in their hands. So I am ordering 2 more of the Ti12MS, the 12 oz. with the milled face.
Alan D.

I have a Stiletto hammer that was given to me as a gift. I like it so much that I recently purchased two more hammers from you for my framing crew. One of them came with an assortment of Stiletto stickers, the other one did not. No I know this sounds silly, but these guys are the high adrenaline, thrill seeking rock climbers that bang nails for the fun of it and they are fighting over the stickers. You should see the assortment they currently have plastered on every bit of gear they own. Could you please send out additional stickers to please this crew. The more the merrier.
Charlie C.