Testimonials 2006

Hello, my name is Brian A. and I am a senior in high school. I have been involved in construction since my sophomore year, this includes two full summers working through our summer internship programs. I have recently acquired a Stiletto hammer and I must say they are truly an extraordinary piece of equipment. I am marveled at how light they are, but yet they still drive a nail easier than the competition. I am very thankful for your products and the caring nature of the Stiletto company.

Hello, my name is Jesus O. I am a high school senior in the construction program, I first saw your hammer at NAHB, we were in Orlando on a school trip looking and examining how the pros do it. When I first used your hammer right there at the convention center I thought it was an amazing product. The new technology involved with this hammer is amazing. We are building another house right now and with your hammers it makes it easier and faster for us to do the work.