Testimonials 2008

Hi, I recently bought your Ti 14 and Titanium 12 inch bar. They are the best hand tools I've ever had! When I told the boys at work what spent on it they laughed, when I brought it to work- they laughed! After a quick look they all changed their attitudes, I lent it out at various times and no one wanted to give it back! After using this hammer and then trying to use an steel competitor, it makes the steel hammer feel like trying to nail with an oversized brick! They now all want one too. The features of the hammer and bar are fantastic! I shattered both of my wrists very badly 18 months ago and using a steel competitor made my hands swell up terribly everyday, now I happily hammer for hours without any jarring, wrist pain or extra weight.
H. Clarke
Carpenter/Builder, Australia

Hello, I am a custom home builder. This letter is to tell you why I love the Stiletto hammers so much. I am currently 39 years old. In my younger years, I worked for a home framer where I used a 22 oz and 28 oz steel competitors hammer for about 6 years, swinging it every day and my shoulder was so sore day in and day out.  One day, a nail distributor came to our job site and he gave me a 14 oz Stiletto Titanium hammer. WOW, what a difference! My shoulder had small bone spurs and the pain that I would have day to day was massive, but with the new hammer it was like swinging air. Driving nails was like I was swinging a massive heavy hammer like my other friends, but with the 14 oz hammer I was faster than my friends with the 22 oz and 28 oz steel competitors hammer,  but with little to no pain, not including what massive damage them hammers do to your elbows. In the past I have bought about 3 more of the Stiletto Titanium 14 oz hammers and maybe 3 new handles, but I will never buy a new steel competitors hammer again, even though I can purchase it for $30.00 at the local Big Box/DIY stores. I will pay $105.00 plus shipping and tax for the quality of the best hammer on the planet! Thank you Stiletto, you have saved my elbow and shoulder and the 14 oz Titanium hammer RULES.
William C.

Hello from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan!!
I recently bought a Ti-Bone 15 framing hammer and a nail bar and honestly, I love it. I will never swing a steel hammer again! It’s pretty sweet being the one of 2 guys that doesn't have a competitor’s hammer on his belt (my boss also has the same hammer and nail bar). Thanks a million, guys!

Thank-you very much for the Stiletto hammer.  I have been using it the past few days and can really feel the difference at the end of the day.  About 8 years ago I was in an accident in which 60% of my body was burned, my right hand lost some feeling and has very limited use.  I have been working as a carpenter for the last 4 years, where I am required to use my hands all day.  When we were framing, my hand would always be sore towards the end of the day.  I have been using a competitors' 21 oz steel hammer and it was hard for me to switch even though my hand was constantly hurting.  Since I have started using the Stilleto, I have noticed that there is no vibration, and even though it is lightweight it still drives the nails like my 21oz steel hammer did.  I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hammer, I will be sure to recommend it to my friends.
Sincerely, Brian B

Titanium is the metal of choice for me, because of two main factors. 1. Weight - I carry a lot of tools when I am needed in the field. I can be gone from anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks and I really need to keep the weight down and Titanium does the job well. 2. Non-magnetic - When working with explosives such as mines and other such weapons, I need a tool that is non-magnetic, we have other probes to use, but I find yours to be just the right carry size and it can be used for many other jobs besides mine probing. You have a great product with the Clawbar! I really like the weight and feel and because you cut away some of the main body, this really makes for a lightweight all around carry tool to have in the field. I'm not kidding when I say you've come up with a great tool and in my opinion every soldier should have one, I've seen other Titanium crowbars that soldiers carry but I've found yours to be the best by far.
David S

Dear Sir, Thank you for the quick correction of my warranty problem. Many people thought I was crazy for buying a $200 hammer. The customer service you have provided me is worth the price, never mind how great the hammer is. I have always and will continue to highly recommend Stiletto Tools. Very satisfied customer.
Tim R

Dear Stiletto Tools, Your company has a wonderful product. I wouldn't wish it on anybody to swing a different hammer. I am a 20 yr old framer. I have been swinging a Stiletto since my junior year of High School. Trust me, it was everybody's envy in construction class. Its also the preferred hammer for the whole crew. I have just retired my first hammer, and handed it over to my father who loves it. He has severe carpel tunnel in his right thumb, from many years of swinging a conventional hammer. Thank you for your time and wonderful products.
Darrin M.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I purchased a TiBone hammer about three years ago. I use it all the time for framing, demo, etc. It is the best hammer in the world, I have no fatigue and my arm isn't tired at the end of a long day. Thanks for your time and thanks for producing such quality hammers.
Ryan W.