Testimonials 2010

Here are some 2010 testimonials sent to us at info@stiletto.com.

"I would like to personally thank the people and staff of Stiletto Tools. Your innovations and quality are well beyond anything in the market place. Thank you for making my everyday job a pleasure with these superior tools. Top notch products from a top notch organization at it's best."

Sincerely, A Very Happy Customer!
A. Santee

"Dear Stiletto Tools, In the past I have proudly displayed my Stiletto Tools sticker on the back window of my truck. In December I traded my truck in for a new truck and new trailer. Needless to say I am unable to show off my pride with your tools to the general public. Is their any way that I may receive three new stickers for my truck and trailer? In advance thank you I love these tools! I am also a carpenter elbow survivor thanks to your hammers!"
M. Casillas

”..there is no greater hammer pound for pound as stiletto.”
S. Black

“It's appreciated when someone backs their product but even better is the customer service.
K. Gorr
BC, Canada

“It was good seeing you guys down at the show in february, I am the one that was wearing the Stiletto shirt :)! I wanted to thank you agian for the shirts, i advertise alot! I have quite the collection of stiletto,( 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, trim bar, flat bar, ti-bar) you guys are killin me...hahaha! I use at least one of them daily, and consider them the most valuable players of my tools. I feel that i promote stiletto like i work for them (geez)! I have made many people fall in love with stiletto. Now to my question; i got thinking today that personally my most valuable feedback is from customers, and i figured that you have tool testers, testing new product, and giving feedback. I wanted to ask if you needed an in-field builder/contractor to use, abuse, and review you tools? I just wanted to help if i could, because you guys rock!” !”
E. Christie

“Hello, my name is SGT Liebenstein. I part of the 864th Engineer unit, we are currently deployed for a third time to Afghanistan. Many soldiers as well as I currently have been using your hammers. We would like to send you an email to thank you for the hammers, it has been a big relief on us for the amount of hours we work while not using air guns but your hammers. We have many soldiers that are looking to purchase your hammers because of the light weight and durability of them, compaired to the issued tools we receive. Any help you could offer to get a good price on a few hammers would be appreciated. Thank you for your time, have a great day.”
Sgt. Liebenstein

L. Moore
BC, Canada

“My one big problem is that every movement I make now results in a lot of pain from arthritis, and I'm wearing my hands and arms out with the older steel hammers that take an incredible amount of effort to simply drive a nail with! The Stiletto makes the same work so easy that I can do twice the work.”
G. Gibbs

“Hello, I have a godson who will be 22 this Sept. 23rd. Devon is a framer, who recently purchased a 300 dollar Stiletto hammer. He loves his Stiletto! He tells everyone it is the "Ferarri of hammers".. Devon is also a skateboarder who loves to put stickers on his board. I am hoping that Stiletto might be able to provide Devon with a few stickers for his boards. It would be great advertising for your awesome products.”
M. Giberson
AB, Canada

“I live in Canada, and have been in the constucion trade for 20 years now. I think I have tried every hammer on the market. Estwings, Douglas, Cali framers, Woodys...then got hooked on the Dead-On death stick. When Dead-On came out with there ti7, I bought it the day they were released. I broke 2 of them over 3 years. For the same price, I switched over to your Tibone II, 15oz. I've known about Stilettos for years now and after owning one I'm disapponted in myself for wasting my time with all the other brands, and not going with the best hammer on the market - hands down. You guys have figured out what every other brand claims. THE ONLY HAMMER YOU WILL EVER OWN. Keep up the great work.”
L. Croney
ON, Canada