Testimonials 2011

Here are the best of our 2011 testimonials from customer emails sent to info@stiletto.com


”You make great hammers, have a poly 14 framer too. I will never buy steel again, going to yard sale my old estwing.”
J. Hart


“It was good seeing you guys down at the show in february, I am the one that was wearing the Stiletto shirt :)! I wanted to thank you agian for the shirts, i advertise alot! I have quite the collection of stiletto,( 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, trim bar, flat bar, ti-bar) you guys are killin me...hahaha! I use at least one of them daily, and consider them the most valuable players of my tools. I feel that i promote stiletto like i work for them (geez)! I have made many people fall in love with stiletto. Now to my question; i got thinking today that personally my most valuable feedback is from customers, and i figured that you have tool testers, testing new product, and giving feedback. I wanted to ask if you needed an in-field builder/contractor to use, abuse, and review you tools? I just wanted to help if i could, because you guys rock!”
E. Christie


“Thank you for your prompt reply - I see customer service is not always an oxymoron!”
S. Howell
BC Canada


“Once again thank you so much for all your time and efforts helping me fix the issues that I had with my hammer. We need more people out there in the world, and in this business, that care and want people to be happy and comfortable with their purchase and with following up. It makes all the difference and I won't forget it.”
M. Gentner
New York


“Just wanted to tell you thanks again for sending those pamphlets and stickers. I’m very pleased with your tools and customer service.”
C. Oneil


“I love the Stiletto, getting everyone buying them at work now once they see what a great hammer it is.”
P. Jahr


“I am very impressed with the handle replacement and service to my hammer, It looks brand new! Thank you very much”
J. Gray


“It’s a pleasure to swing a stiletto, I have 2 of them, a framer and a finisher, and I wouldn’t use anything else now. I think one of there greatest attributes is not getting a cold hand in the winter hanging onto a metal handle.”
C. MacArthur
New Zealand


“I just received my Stiletto, I can’t thank you enough for the extra mile you went to make sure I was taken care of, your customer service ethic is something that is in you, it isn’t taught!When any one of my working partners is looking for a hammer, I can only recommend one, the Stiletto!”
D. Schmidt


“Thank you for getting back to me so soon, you guys at stiletto are awesome, just one more reason I keep dealing with Stiletto. I’m always spreading the word that Stiletto is the best, its a hard market for us cheap old timers up here. You guys have a customer for life.”
B. Preble


“Your product is awesome. I recommend your tools to everyone I come across and a lot of people have defiantly changed over!”
P. Johns