Testimonials 2012

Here are some of the 2012 testimonials sent to us so far this year..


Hi, my name is Christopher I am a fram ing carpenter from Ohio. I have been framing for sixteen years. Just recently within the last year I have bought and started using the muscle head 16 oz. framing hammer. I also use your 12in. titanium nail puller. Wish I would have known about your hammers years ago. I could have saved a lot of wear and tear on my body and mainly my shoulder and elbow. So I was wanting to thank you for such wonderful products you have. Any promotional products or a book with all your products I could get to help me advertise would be GREATLY appreciated.

Christopher K
Warren OH



I own four stiletto hammers and love them. I recommend them to all of my employees. I own a successful framing company in south east Wisconsin. I was wondering if you guys had any large Stiletto stickers I could put on my Job trailers, trucks , or skytraks. I think that would look awesome and professional. And I'd be helping you guys out with advertising. Just an idea . Thanks Kris ps I purchase all my stiletto equipment at Neu's hardware in Menominee Falls.
Kris P.
Fond Du Lac WI



Hello, I have recently traded off my truck and was wondering how i could aquire a few stiletto tool stickers that i could proudly display. Youre tools are amazing i own both a tibone and a 10oz finish hammer and LOVE them both
Joseph N.
Manhattan KS



Roberts WI



Hey guys, im a big fan of your gear. I rock the 14oz wood framer and i love it. Alot of my coworkers are "stiletto skeptics" but i try my best to show them the light, but hey, i can't convince them to be right.. Anyway, i was wondering if you guys could send me some stickers, maybe a shirt :s for my hardhat and trailer. I know you guys probably get lots of emails like this but hey, i like your stuff, so i would like to sport some stickers and do some advertising if you will. thanks Nick
Nick G.
Toronto ON



I bought two 18" Stiletto coldshrink airgrips on line, through Amazon I think. Can't find them on your website! Can you help? Need 'em... We love your hammers. My elbow loves your hammers.
Doug P.
San Diego CA



Hey Stiletto, Just here to send another message of praise! I've been a commercial concrete carpenter for about 7 and a half years. When I first started out I asked my dad for advice on a good hammer to choose. He had always gone with Estwing. Off we went purchase one. I got the 16 oz straight claw. 16 ounces I figured, because thats how old I was at the time. It seemed like a good idea! Seasons passed and rather quickly I kept sizing up to bigger and bigger hammers. I was up to the 28 oz size when I finished my apprenticeship a few years ago. I loved the size and driving power... That was until a friend lent me his ti-bone for a day. Low weight combined with the side claw makes for an incredible hammer. It makes driving 3" duplex nails all day easy. Ever since I purchased once its almost sad to use another hammer. All the guys on my crew are blown away by the power of the side claw. Anyway I love them and when this one finally wears out, I'm positive I'l be purchasing another! So theres a little bit of insight to why I love your company, but I've also got a request. I was hoping you could send a couple stickers out my way in the mail! It would be appreciated for sure!
Cody O.
Calgary AB



Looking for information of when I'm gonna be able to buy a trimbone hammer to add to my stiletto hammer and prybar collection. Please let me know as soon as possible. Because I can't get it out of my head!! I need that hammer. Thanks for your time. I love your tools!
Steve R.
Torrington CT



I have just recently bought several of your products including 2 14 oz framers(1 smooth,1 milled) a 10 oz finisher,and a cats paw,absolutly in love with them all!!! I was wondering if you could send me some stickers to support u guys on all of my company trucks??? Thanks in advance!!!!!
Nick M.
Sparwood BC



I would like to say that I love the products you make. I own and use most of your products. They never let me down. I have also told many of my friends about how amazing your products are. I would like to know if there are any shirts, hats, stickers and any other promotional items you could send me so I can support your company and spread the word around. Thank you Your loyal customer
"TJ" G.



Can a TB2 15 oz milled faced 18" curved handle can be made but without a removable face? Making it a solid piece of Titanium, reason being it would never have to be adjusted. therefore it would not interfere with the nail holder. I am a Union Carpenter working in NYC on Concrete jobs the work involves wood and heavy steel form work as well as scaffold erecting and dismantling. I wouldn't want to use any other hammer than my STILETTO!!! It's always fun when someone sees you working first comes the stare (like they just seen a unicorn or some mythical character of sorts) then the comments. If they know the hammer they know the price so that is usually the first remark. I then proceed to be quiet and give them what i call the roadshow demo. Using 16 double head nails I hammer the nail into a 2x4 I turn it over and bend the nail and tell them pull the nail out i watch the struggle then show them the side puller. Once that has been completed they get a little smirk on their face. I then proceed to take 16 double head nail into a 4x4 and say go ahead and the grand finally is I drill a hole into concrete insert a piece of tie wire then hammer the 16 double in the hole (common practice on a concrete job). By the end of that you win them over. The TIBONE is great when I work with any system of scaffolding banging on metal has never felt so good! That hole in the handle (like you don't have a wrench) works excellent on nuts on clamps and knuckles of some systems. Its not the preferred way but when your in a jam it can be done! Just like to mention this maybe it can help, it happen to me and someone passed the tip on to me. When the magnet pops out that's a real joy kill once you get another magnet I used JB Weld it's holding.( Just recently it happen to a Carpenter I knew so I passed it on.) My Stiletto has definitely prevented fatigue from swinging and banging on steel and any injury to my wrist I love that side puller (your not jerking your wrist or blowing out your elbow and using less physical effort is always a plus) When you find another Stiletto owner in the crowd we all say the same thing "I LOVE MY STILETTO!" (oh yeah you normally leave your tool belt hanging at lunch but you never leave your Stiletto behind its always with you at your side and you take it home everyday and if you leave it home its gonna be a lllooonnggg day! LOL) *Note Anytime I had an issue and called customer service it was never a problem it was quite painless they are most HELPFULL and you don't get a lot. Well didnt think I was going to get into all of that but I did Thank you!
Dan A.