2013 Customer Testimonials

Here are more great customer testimonials sent to us in 2013.


Admittedly, I was skeptical at first of a titanium hammer being any different from a normal framing hammer. I didn't take but a few swings to see, wow this hammer delivers some power with a solid dampened hit. I thought the lighter hammer would be bouncy and take more strikes of the nail, but it is not.


Positively the best framing hammer on the market! Lighter weight equals much less arm fatigue.


it does what it says


I have been in contracting for many years. I have used most types of hammers available. I put this hammer through the test on a current riding arena. Today alone I drove over 500 nails putting in blocks. This hammer performed amazingly. My shoulder usually hurts after swinging my vaughn. There was no pain after using the Stiletto. The damping effect made it easier to drive nails. The magnetic nail starter was helpful for working overhead. The side puller works as advertised. I bent a few 20 penny nails and it pulled them with no issues. To say I am pleased is an understatement. We already ordered 2 more for the crew. My brother has already tried to change hammers with me. Highly recommended for anyone that plans to put boards together. My bags will not have another hammer. Stiletto has a huge supporter.


My wife and I just purchased a house last year. I used to work construction while growing up. My dad always bought Estwing hammers. I used to think that Estwing hammers were TOP quality, because it was far better than a lot of other hammers out there. I no longer work in construction due to a neck injury but every once in a while I would pick up an old Estwing hammer to do something around the house; It would seem to shoot pain to my already hurt injury.As soon as I received the Stiletto TiBoneTBII-15 Hammer I had to try it out. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The vibration control is amazing the ease of putting in a nail and it being held in place without fault for one handed jobs made it easier on my neck, and the weight;.. WOW this hammer is light and hits like a bag of bricks. I don't know how I ever used to use my old hammer. This hammer will definately change the way I do odd jobs around the house, as well as if any of my friends or neighbors need help. I can now get in the trenches with them and help them out instead of coaching from the sidelines. I cannot wait to show my son one day what a top notch quality hammer is. There is no doubt in my mind it will be a Stiletto. Thanks Stiletto for letting me test out this product it has helped me out greatly!


Used it for a day and all I can say is WOW!!! It has so much hitting power with no weight. My arm thanks you.


Over all, the best hammer I have ever used. It performed excellently in all aspects of framing and general duty carpentry. Friends who tried it were reluctant to give it back.


Love This Hammer! Super light weight and hits with the force of a jack hammer. It almost eliminates all vibrations, not leaving me with a sore arm and tender wrist. One big thing for me is the replaceable head when worn out, saving me time and money. Even if you have sweaty hands the rubber type super grip is great. All around a great hammer and worth every Penny!



It is a good product but a bit pricey! It does what is advertised and fatigue when pounding pole barn nails is dramatically cut down!


I believe this hammer is the best I have ever owned. It is lighter than you might think because of its size. It has an ease of swing that I have not experienced yet out of all the hammers I own.


The weight of the titanium makes this hammer a pleasure to use all day long!


This hammer is awesome.This hammer will change the building industry.The use of this hammer will have less strain on anyone.




It is a great hammer! Just wish it wasn't so expensive!!!


I would recommend this hammer to anyone. It is lighter feeling than my old one. And the vibration damping is the best i have seen.


I like this hammer because it is nice looking very durable and there's very low recoil on the hammer. I've been a carpenter for 14 years and I got tendonitis in my arm and it really don't bother (my arm) as much as another hammer.


I'm a general contractor building custom homes so we put the tools to work. I've used a stileto with a hickory handle for years but hated that I couldn't pry with it. This one solves that problem. Its well balanced and really drives a nail well with minimal vibration. I've recommended it to all my guys.


The product was light-weight and easy on the arm and elbow to use.


After use on a daily basis I find that it is much "easier" on my arm compared to other hammers.


This is a very comfortable hammer to use. After working all day with it I had no arm or elbow fatigue at all.


After using the Stiletto Tibone TBII-15 titanium hammer I felt less pain in my elbow and wrist compared to steel and fiberglass handled hammers that I have used in the past.