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I was framing houses with a 21oz eastwing for years, my wrist and arm were always sore. my boss bought me the stiletto. OMG I kid you not the pain went away, no matter how hard I had to work, how long I had to work, I just healed up, slow but now I dont feel the need to see a DR every Saturday. On the job this hammer is unstoppable, indestructible, and LIGHT. enter to test, if you dont get it go buy it.

Warren MI


Borrowed it from my neighbour. I looked at it and said whhaaaat ? then I noticed the light weightand was wow ! I put it to work on my deck which needed repairs and some board replacements.Believe it , the light weight makes effort less, produces the same strike force as heavier hammers. I love it but at that price point cannot own it....yet !

Atlanta GA


This hammer is so light and easy to use that using it for extended periods of time is allowable unlike other hammers that i have used.I had wrist surgery and using other hammers hurts my wrist when using them.This hammer helped immensely.

Cheyenne WY


Light weight and super strong. I used similar tool made of titanium and will tell you it is indestructable. Great tool. A must have.

Olathe KS


I recently received this as a birthday gift....Since I was re roofing the shed and complaining about the weight of my usual hammer. this thing is a dream..lightweigh, awsome strike force and at the end of day my arm and wrist does not feel like i've been swinging a hammer all day....I would not have purchased it as I am a bit of a scrooge with tool prices, but I am very glad that I now own one....new framing projects on the horizion and this hammer actually has me looking forward to it.

Temple TX


Super super durable. I dropped it off my roof onto cement and it was like nothing happened. You get what you pay for and if you are like me and need a hammer on a weekly basis, this is something you should think to purchase.

Darlington WI


Love This Hammer! Super light weight and hits with the force of a jack hammer. It almost eliminates all vibrations, not leaving me with a soar arm and tender wrist. Even is you have sweaty hands the rubber type super grip is great.Ive always had steel hammer because its what my dad used, but now after using this one. Its A World Of Difference In Vibration Reduction and light weight but has the power to really get the job done. plus the little things like the 180 nail remover and removable head make this well worth the money.

Taylorsville CA


The Stiletto TiBoneTBII-15 Titanium Hammer is comparable to none. The design and weight make it the best on the market. I drove around 500 nails today hanging blocks. What used to be a painful night is no more. The magnetic nail starter made working overhead an ease. The hammer's dampening effect took the normal vibrations out. The side puller worked well on 20 penny nails. You will not find a better hammer. To say it is recommended is an understatement. It is a permanent tool in my bags.

Scotts Mills OR


Wow all I can say is AMAZING.At the end of the day I forgot that I was swinging a hammer.I can't believe the power behind my swing without the fatigue.I am throwing my Estwing 22 ozFraming Hammer in the trash.If my arm could talk it would say THANK YOU for such an amazing hammer.I would recommend this hammer to EVERYONE!Go out and buy one your arm will thank you.

Holden MA


After using this hammer My arm did not have anywhere near as much fatigue.I'm so glad I was able to use this hammer.It will change the construction industry forever.

Bay City MI


The Stiletto TiBone15 hammer was the best hand held hammer that I had ever used. It weight lot less thenmy 28oz estwing it drove in nails much quicker and smoother there was so much less recoil vibration and the 180 side nail puller came in handy on the rare times you bent a nail then the 28oz hammer that dont used no more

Danville IL


I have to say this is the finest tool I have ever owned. It has all the advantaged of an old school Estwing (nearly indistructable) but none of the disadvantages (hard as hell on your elbow and heavy)It drives sinkers in 2 swats easily and it is easier to control than almost any hammer I ever tried. The magnetic nail starter will make placing those hard to reach nails a breeze. The steel faces are replaceable, a nice feature.

Mount Morris MI


this hammer is perfectly balanced and the interchangable heads make it a pleasure to use on any project, the titanium material, makes this hammer so light, but the design gives it a powerful hit, plus the magnetic head gives it great user control.

Scottdale PA


The Stiletto is far superior to my usual wood handle framing hammer.It is much lighter in weight and the replaceable head is a nice feature as well.

Willits CA


I just finished testing the Stiletto TiBoneTB11 Titanium hammer. And I have to say it is the BEST hammer I have ever used. It is light and the side nail removing feature comes in handy.I would recommend this hammer to any one in the trades. Especially those who have a problem with their wrists

Musgegon MI


I really like this hammer it's light and looks great the feel of the hammer is nice and I would like to try their other products. I'm a guy and I love my hammers but I feel the price is a bit high for the average builder. But if you have the money I would give it a try. The best part its made in the USA

Sutton MA


This hammer has all the features a great framing hammer should have. Those are to include, the side nail puller, magnetic nail holder on the head, axe-style grip,replaceable steel face, and over all comfort of use for those long days of framing. I was very happy with the performance of the Stiletto, and have now changed to using it on a daily bases. I just wish it came with a smooth replaceable face for the times you don't want to leave hammer marks.

Amasa MI


I used it to frame, install electrical boxes, staples for Romex Cable and nail plates.Save up your money and buy the last hammer you will ever need or want.Now I am going to order the Stiletto prying tools.This hammer will surprise you.Everyone that I have let try this hammer loves the feel and power of this amazing design.It really is a lot of money, but I do see that it is worth it if you use a hammer for a living.I wish I had more pictures, but haven't taken many.

Albemarle NC


This hammer is great for pounding all day long with. It is easy on the wrist, with little to no recoil or vibration. The heads being changeable means I will be buying fewer hammers throughout the year. While the price I feel is a bit steep. With the way this hammer is constructed and after haveing used it now for a month, it is showing little signs of wear.The side nail pulling feature is not only easy to use, it will be a knuckle saver.I would recommend this hammer to anyone who uses a hammer all day long. It has now replaced my old west-wing in the tool belt and will see daily use.

Sinclairville NY


Used my new stilleto in a recent demolition project and it was great.I don't have to switch hammers anymore from framing to demo.I love the balance and the weight.The only downside is that one of my guys conveniently stuck it in his belt and I had to hunt it down.This one will be in the arsenal for a long time.

Wilmington NC


I own one of these and really like it for framing. With a replaceable face it should be a lifetime investment. It's lighter than the old steel framing hammers. I like the magnetic nail starter also. I would definitely recommend this hammer if you can afford it..

Monterey TN


This is a great tool to have around. The light titanium body is great! It saves you from getting fatigued from repeated use as easily. It is also very comfortable to use. Although I have not had a problem with the replaceable head, I do not like the idea of it. That is the only thing I do not like.

Ashtabula OH

This is the best hammer that i have ever used.It is lighter and stronger that other hammers.The titanium that it is made of makes this thing indestructible and is the last hammer i will ever need.Another positive of this product is the vibration reduction technology it has.Most complete hammer out there

New York Mills MN